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Until just recently, it was common for the Vera Wang Wedding Dress Boutique in Shanghai to charge a $484 "try-on fee". - Time Magazine, 4/15/13

When one of its planes broke down shortly after landing, passengers of a Shandong Airlines flight were asked to push it a half mile to the gate. - Readers' Digest, 9/11

Cars driven by Americans use almost 1,000,000,000 additional gallons of gasoline each year because so many of Americans are overweight. - The Week Magazine, 5/11/12

Fully 17% of all families in Singapore have assets over $1,000,000. - Time Magazine, 6/25/12

More people have cell phones than access to a decent toilet. - Fast Company, 7/11

Warner/Chappell Music owns the rights to the Happy Birthday song. Tax reports show that this song earns Warner/Chappell over $2 million each year. - Fortune Magazine, 11/15/10

An estimated 10,000 shipping containers fall off cargo ships into the ocean every year. - Discover Magazine, 7/11

The typical 6-foot-tall employee earns $5,525 more annually than a 5-foot-5-inch co-worker. - Inc. Magazine, 2/11

61% of Americans would not choose the same career if they could "do it all over again". - Parade Magazine, 1-9-11

The Pontiac Silverdome, former home of the Detroit Lions, was built in 1975 for $55,700,000. It sold recently for only $583,000. - Detroit News, 11/17/09

Mary Kay has 200,000 representatives in China. - Newsweek, 11/17/09

A church in Lake Worth, Florida has agreed to a deal with T-Mobile to build a 100-foot cross on church property that will double as a cell phone tower. - The Week Magazine, 12/25/09

Bob Dylan is negotiating with car manufacturers to be the voice of their GPS systems. - Washington Post, 8/27/09

Symantec released a list of the top terms searched on the Internet in 2009. "Porn" was in the top 4 for kids 7 and under, just ahead of "Club Penguin". - The Week Magazine, 1/15/10

Tickets for the first Super Bowl were $12 each. The game was not a sellout. - Honolulu Advertiser, 1/30/08

Tourists are paying $65 each for a guided bus tour of Los Angeles' violence filled gang turf. Customers are required to sign a waiver, acknowledging risk of gunfire. - The Week Magazine, 1/29/10

43% of all U. S. venture capital in 2008 went to the San Francisco Bay Area. - Time Magazine, 11/2/09

The only bookstore in Laredo, Texas (B. Dalton) has closed. Now the closest bookstore to Laredo is in San Antonio, which is 150 miles away. - The Week Magazine, 2/5/10

Colorado will reduce minimum wage by 4 cents in 2010 - becoming the first state to lower the minimum wage in over seventy years. - Time Magazine, 10/26/09

Toby Cosgrove, chief executive of the Cleveland Clinic (one of the nation's largest medical centers), said that if it was up to him, he would stop hiring the obese. - Los Angeles Times, 2/1/10

On average (in July 2009), there are six job seekers for each job opening in the United States. - Fortune, 10/26/09

A South African company tested its Internet Service Provider. It took 2 hours, 7 minutes to download data over a fifty mile distance. The same data took a carrier pigeon, carrying a flash drive, fifty minutes less. - Time Magazine, 9/28/09

22,000 Americans die annually because they lack health insurance. - Newsweek, 9/21/09

The United States is the only developed nation where medical bankruptcies occur. - Newsweek, 9/21/09

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is being sued by four of the world's biggest record companies, accused of using more than 1,000 songs without permission. - The Week Magazine, 9/25/09

34,000,000 pounds of Parmesan cheese are being held in Italian bank vaults as collateral from cheesemakers struggling through the recession. The cheese is valued at $187,000,000. - Newsweek, 9/14/09

The United States has 2,300,000,000 square feet of space in self-storage units. This is 7 square feet per citizen. - The Week Magazine, 9/18/09

The odds are 1 in 71 (1.4%) that your bag arrived at your destination at a different time than you did when flying commercial airlines. - The Week Magazine, 8/28/09

There are twice as many ATMs in Antarctica than there are permanent residents. - Wired Magazine, 9/09

The first ATM machine in America (mechanical cash dispenser) was installed in 1939. It was removed six months later because of non-use. - Wired Magazine, 9/09

Low cost European airline Ryanair has asked Boeing to design a plane with standing room. Standing passengers would fly with a belt buckling them to a metal pole. - The Week Magazine, 7/17/09

Camel-milk chocolate could be in stores in the U.S. within months. - The Week Magazine, 8/7/09

Having a "healthy options" section of a menu at a restaurant actually makes consumers more likely to choose unhealthy dishes. - Discover Magazine, 7/09

The odds are 54 in 100 (54%) that you will look for a new job after this recession ends. - Newsweek Magazine, 7/13/09

Truckers that were text-messaging behind the wheel were 23 times as likely to get into an accident or a near miss. - Time Magazine, 8/10/09
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