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Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth hit a home run in an exhibition game in 2012. The ball went out of the park, and hit Werth's own truck in the parking lot. - San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/26/12

22% of Americans want Bruce Springsteen to write a new National Anthem. - Time Magazine, 6/25/12

Zsa Zsa Gabor and husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt plan on having a baby through surrogacy. San Diego Union, 4/16/11

Bob Dylan is negotiating with car manufacturers to be the voice of their GPS systems. - Washington Post, 8/27/09

Steve Irwin's body was fed to crocodiles at his request. - The Week Magazine, 8/28/09

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is being sued by four of the world's biggest record companies, accused of using more than 1,000 songs without permission. - The Week Magazine, 9/25/09

The stage for rock supergroup U2's latest tour weighs 340,000 pounds and needs 120 trucks to transport it from city to city. - Rolling Stone, 10/15/09

A Kenyan man offered Hillary Clinton 20 cows and 40 goats for her daughter Chelsea's hand in marriage. - The Week Magazine, 8/21/09

Star of the TV show "Blossom" Mayim Bialik has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. - Parade Magazine, 8/16/09

Charles Manson is asking fellow prison-mate Phil Spector to jump start his singing career. - The Week Magazine, 8/7/09

Actor Sean Connery attributes his happy marriage to the fact that he can't speak French, while his wife speaks very little English. This inability to argue is "what has kept us together all these years", says Connery. - The Week Magazine, 1/16/09

Dane Cook's half-brother was arrested for embezzling over $10,000,000 from the comedian. - The Week Magazine, 1/16/09

Richard Branson has offered US Airways pilot/hero Chesley Sullenberger double his salary if he comes to work for Virgin Air. - The Week Magazine, 2/13/09

President Obama likes it warm in the White House. Advisor David Axelrod says, "You could grow orchids in there." - The Week Magazine, 2/13/09

"Leave It to Beaver" actor Tony Dow has one of his sculptures displayed at the Louvre in Paris. - Los Angeles Times, 11/15/08

Heather Mills has already spent more than $15 million of her $37 million divorce settlement (from Paul McCartney) - The Week Magazine, 11/7/08

Mickey Mouse is one of "Satan's soldiers" and must die, says Saudi Arabian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Munajid. Mr. Munajid also condemned the Beijing Olympics as the "bikini olympics". - Daily Telegraph (UK), 9/15/08

Actor Val Kilmer is the choice of current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson to replace him. "I like the idea, Val Kilmer is a New Mexican, he was Batman," said Richardson. - People Magazine, 9/14/08

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have become eligible for $2,600 in monthly child benefits from France. - The Week Magazine, 9/5/08

Mick Jagger turned 65 in 2008 - and now he is eligible for a state pension of $180 per week. - Reuters, 7/25/08

Nobel Prize winner Al Gore ("An Inconvenient Truth") uses 50% more electricity in a month than the average American does in an entire year. - The Week Magazine, 6/27/08

Former Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee may have saved candidate (for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina) Robert Pittenger's life by administering the Heimlich maneuver at the recent North Carolina Republican Party convention. - CNN, 6/8/08

Actor Alan Arkin (Get Smart, Little Miss Sunshine) co-wrote "The Banana Boat Song", made famous by Harry Belafonte. - San Diego Union, 6/21/08

Football greats Peyton and Eli Manning are so close they sometimes share the same bathroom stall. - New York Daily News, 4/13/08

Matthew McConaughey wants to name his son "Bud" in honor of his favorite beer. It must be a family tradition, as McConaughey's older brother Michael named his second son "Miller Lyte". - The Week Magazine, 3/21/08

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giulani spent nearly $60,000,000 on his failed campaign. He won only one delegate. - The Week Magazine, 2/15/08

Ray Bradbury, one of the world's most famous science fiction writers, avoids computers and ATMs. He also claims he has never driven a car. - Discover Magazine, 2/08

Robert Vaughn, TV's The Man From U.N.C.L.E., has a PhD in communications from USC. - Parade Magazine, 1/13/08
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