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There are parts of the Atacama Desert (in Chile) where no rain has ever been recorded. - Discover Magazine, 6/12

There are over one million deer vs. vehicle collisions in the United States each year. In 2009, there were 102,165 In Pennsylvania alone. Fortune Magazine, 11/15/10

In summer 2011, Lake Powell (Utah/Arizona) rose a foot a day. - Los Angeles Times, 8/13/2011

The venomous copperhead snake smells like fresh-cut cucumbers. - San Diego Union, 3/1/10

Steve Irwin's body was fed to crocodiles at his request. - The Week Magazine, 8/28/09

Stray dogs in Moscow have apparently taught themselves to use the subway. - The Week Magazine, 8/28/09

The odds are 1 in 39 (2.56%) that you will hit a deer with your car this year, if you drive in West Virginia. - The Week Magazine, 10/9/09

At any given location, a total solar eclipse happens only ever 360 years. - Discover Magazine, 7/09

Jupiter can have a triple eclipse - 3 moons casting a shadow on the planet's surface at the same time. - Discover Magazine, 7/09

The odds are 1 in 10 (10%) that you are allergic to dust mites. There can be 19,000 dust mites in one gram of household dust. - Discover Magazine, 7/09

The world's most "germiest" tourist attraction is Ireland's Blarney stone - it's kissed by an estimated 400,000 people each year. - The Week Magazine, 6/26/09

There is no place on earth that is free of human-caused noise 100% of the time. - Discover Magazine, 7/09

A species of quail long thought extinct was found in a Philippines food market and photographed. Before scientists realized the importance of the find, the bird had been sold and eaten. - National Geographic, 2/18/09

Global warming is now a cause of kidney stones. As temperatures go up, dehydration is more likely - and the water loss causes an increase in kidney stones in animals. - San Diego Union, 7/15/08

Giraffe meat is kosher. - New York Times, 10/19/05

Illegal traders had been feeding an elephant named "Big Brother" bananas laced with heroin in an effort to better control him. Now Chinese authorities are tasked with breaking the elephant's heroin addiction using methadone. - San Diego Union, 9/27/07

A team of scientists melted Antarctic ice and revived bacteria frozen for 8,000,000 years. - Discover Magazine, 11/07

62,860 trees must be cut to provide paper pulp for just one Sunday edition of the New York Times. - Vanity Fair Magazine, 3/07

On average, a woman speaks 16,215 words per day, while a man speaks 15,669 words. - San Diego Union, 4/29/08
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