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A woman was about to take a driving test for the third time when she accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, making the car crash into the DMV office. - San Jose Mercury News, 3/14/14

Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth hit a home run in an exhibition game in 2012. The ball went out of the park, and hit Werth's own truck in the parking lot. - San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/26/12

Osama Bin Laden officially came out against global warming. - New York Times, 1/29/10

39-year-old Fu Bingli can do 12 one-fingered pushups. - The Week Magazine, 12/25/09

The family of a deceased New Mexico woman was horrified to find her brain in the same bag as some of her other personal effects. - The Week Magazine, 1/22/10

USC has offered a football scholarship to David Sills. David Sills is 13 and in the seventh grade at the time of the offer. -, 2/5/10

Megan Barnes, a 37 year-old Florida woman crashed her car because she was attempting to shave her bikini line while driving. - The Week Magazine, 3/19/10

Toby Cosgrove, chief executive of the Cleveland Clinic (one of the nation's largest medical centers), said that if it was up to him, he would stop hiring the obese. - Los Angeles Times, 2/1/10

New Zealand surfer Chris Nel survived a recent tsunami in Samoa by riding out the surge of water on his surfboard. - The Week Magazine, 10/16/09

Print shop operator Al Fischer recently donated his 320th pint of blood. That brings his lifetime total to 40 gallons. - The Week Magazine, 9/18/09

South Carolina state attorney Roland Corning was busted with a stripper, sex toys and Viagra in a Columbia, South Carolina cemetery recently. - Newsweek, 11/9/09

After an argument, an angry Texas woman fried and ate her boyfriend's goldfish. - The Week Magazine, 10/16/09

The frozen head of baseball great Ted Williams was in a cryonic company's freezer on a used cat food (tuna) can. When an employee was transferring the head from one location to another, he tried to remove the tuna can, but it wouldn't budge. So he grabbed a monkey wrench, heaved a mighty swing but missed the can - hitting the head "dead center". Tiny pieces of frozen head sprayed across the room. - San Diego Union, 10/3/09

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is being sued by four of the world's biggest record companies, accused of using more than 1,000 songs without permission. - The Week Magazine, 9/25/09

Australian 16-year-old Jessica Watson launched her yacht to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world. 24 hours later, she crashed into a freighter. - The Week Magazine, 9/25/09

Dr. Jason Newsom, head of Bay County Health Department (Florida) was fired for speaking out about the dangers of doughnuts. County Commissioner Mike Thomas owns a doughnut shop. - The Week Magazine, 8/28/09

George Vera was searched three times upon entering the prison system in Texas. He was there for 36 hours before he confessed he had a handgun and ammunition hidden in his folds of fat. Vera weighs 600 pounds. - The Week Magazine, 8/21/09

No charges are planned against Robin Starr, CEO of the Richmond, Virginia Society for the Preservation of Animals after her 16-year-old blind and deaf dog died after being accidentally left in Starr's hot car for four hours. - San Diego Union, 8/27/09

A juror was fined $1,000 for yawning in a Los Angeles courtroom. The judge found the juror in contempt when the juror said, "I'm sorry but I'm really bored." - Seattle Times, 4/21/05

A 5-year-old girl was arrested, cuffed and put in back of a police cruiser after an outburst at school where she threw books and boxes, kicked a teacher in the shins, smashed a candy dish, hit an assistant principal in the stomach and drew on the walls. - San Francisco Chronicle, 3/18/05

Mayoral hopeful Julian Castro acknowledged that his twin brother took his place in a parade this week, waving at onlookers who mistook the stand-in for the candidate. - Houston Chronicle, 4/21/05
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