World Facts #1

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The most popular pizza topping in Europe is tuna. - Parade Magazine, 1/25/15

Kazakh gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko took the podium at a March 2012 recent sporting event. The sound crew unfortunately played the Kazakhstan national anthem parody heard in the movie "Borat". - Time Magazine, 4/9/12

Fully 17% of all families in Singapore have assets over $1,000,000. - Time Magazine, 6/25/12

More people have cell phones than access to a decent toilet. - Fast Company, 7/11

An estimated 10,000 shipping containers fall off cargo ships into the ocean every year. - Discover Magazine, 7/11

33% of all food in the world intended for human consumption is lost or wasted. - Time Magazine, 5/30/11

Canadian scientists have scrapped their plans for a study of the effects of pornography because they could not find any young men who haven't ever watched porn. - The Week Magazine, 11/18/09

Mary Kay has 200,000 representatives in China. - Newsweek, 11/17/09

Bulgarians participating in a survey voted the "chushkopek" (an appliance for roasting up to seven peppers at a time) the most revolutionary household advance of the 20th century, beating out the electricity, television and the cell phone. - The Week Magazine, 1/15/10

Stray dogs in Moscow have apparently taught themselves to use the subway. - The Week Magazine, 8/28/09

Niger (Africa) has the world's highest fertility rate - 7.1 children per mother. - Newsweek, 10/19/09

New Zealand surfer Chris Nel survived a recent tsunami in Samoa by riding out the surge of water on his surfboard. - The Week Magazine, 10/16/09

By 2040, 40% of Japan's population will be senior citizens. - Newsweek, 10/19/09

A South African company tested its Internet Service Provider. It took 2 hours, 7 minutes to download data over a fifty mile distance. The same data took a carrier pigeon, carrying a flash drive, fifty minutes less. - Time Magazine, 9/28/09

Chinese officials have smeared butter along a 1,000-foot-long steel bridge to prevent people from jumping off it. - The Week Magazine, 9/11/09

34,000,000 pounds of Parmesan cheese are being held in Italian bank vaults as collateral from cheesemakers struggling through the recession. The cheese is valued at $187,000,000. - Newsweek, 9/14/09

Australian 16-year-old Jessica Watson launched her yacht to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world. 24 hours later, she crashed into a freighter. - The Week Magazine, 9/25/09

There are twice as many ATMs in Antarctica than there are permanent residents. - Wired Magazine, 9/09

A Kenyan man offered Hillary Clinton 20 cows and 40 goats for her daughter Chelsea's hand in marriage. - The Week Magazine, 8/21/09

Low cost European airline Ryanair has asked Boeing to design a plane with standing room. Standing passengers would fly with a belt buckling them to a metal pole. - The Week Magazine, 7/17/09

Farmers in a certain drought-ravaged section of India have ordered their unmarried daughters to plow the fields in the nude in hopes of triggering a monsoon. - The Week Magazine, 8/7/09

Camel-milk chocolate could be in stores in the U.S. within months. - The Week Magazine, 8/7/09
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